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No. Prayer Name & Country Date & Time
21 .
Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ Please kindly pray for me and my husband and kids as we are going through a lot of stress Please pray for us ,truly we need your urgent and valuable prayers ,God bless you all
Name: A beliver
Country: Austarlia
9:43:59 AM
22 .
Plz pray for me for my admission and for studies n also my parents who are always sick n in some trouble help us to free out of this sickness I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.
Name: ashwini gaikwad
Country: india
10:31:53 AM
23 .
Dear Brother, Praise the Lord. Currency I am facing a problem for Job security. Some people are threatening me for my Job Security. I humbly request you to please pray for me. I believe in our Almighty Lord Jejus Christ. Also pray for my family for the better of living of our family.
Name: Sanjay Tribhuwan
Country: India
1:31:21 AM
24 .
Iam requesting your pray for me to get good part time job and gain confidence and success . Now a days Iam facing lot of problems,Pls pray for me.
7:45:21 AM
25 .
My child is suffering from scarlet fever and tonsillitis .Please pray to recover from this and gain body weight. My other child is a teenager and pls pray for my child be a God fearing and and get good character,
7:41:15 AM
26 .
Every one hates & rejecting me. I am under depression. Requesting for your prayers....Plz.
Name: A True Believer
Country: UAE
3:29:58 AM
27 .
Please Pray for my Sister Punitha life. she living from alone her husband. she is a amendment girl, so kindly pray for sister life is make return beautiful and also her daughter Morsika.... plz plz
Name: HAriramu T
Country: India
10:00:07 AM
28 .
Please pray for me to recover my failures and get God blessings and self confidence.Please pray my job interview and get good Jobs and get success in my Job. Please pray for my brother who is going through difficult situation.
6:54:14 AM
29 .
praise the lord brother my husband name is josephrajan.he is diabetic patient.he is a smoker&drunkard.please pray for his salvation& name is carolin rajani.i have problems in workplace .please pray for me
Name: MRS.Antony carolin rajani
Country: saudiarabia
1:52:44 PM
30 .
My dear pastors, my wife Aarti is suffering from stomach tumor and cancer in her stomach and lever. Once in april 12th 2016 surgery had done but tumor growback again. Chemotherapy is undergoing. So, please pray for her complete healing in Jesus name. Jesus can heal her only. Amen If you can call and pray on this contact no. 7065911537. then please pray for her. I am sure God Jesus will heal her.
Name: Dharmender
Country: India
7:50:29 AM
31 .
Dear brother and sister plzz pray for me because I am not able to pay my collage fee that's way insitute is not allowed to me for my semester exam and also my elder brother is searching a job but he didn't get any job...plzz pray for us..God bless you...
Name: Samrat Behera
Country: india
7:26:41 PM
32 .
Your ministry is a blessing. Please pray for my 5 year old son. He has been very mischievous in school more than a few times. Please join with me in prayer that God may bless him with obedience and a gentle heart.
Name: Thomas
Country: US
1:18:20 AM
33 .
Dear Pastor, Greetings in the name of Jesus. I am working aboard. Got married and have 4 years old son. After arriving home, got to know about my wife having an illegal affair for 3 years in 5 years of our marriage life. I have made her confessed and assured ,accepted her to start our new life. But she failed to keep her promises and kept on continuing that relationship with him. Later she had lodged an FIR (Dowry Harassment Case 498a IPC) against me and my family in order to hide her illegal affair once I brought this issue to her parents and now we got bail by the grace of God. Also in FIR, she lied that I have injured her body including breast and her private parts with blade in a drunken state and bribed doctor to get the certificate for the same. Later they humiliated our family status by spreading false allegations against us in our locality and through newspaper.Her parents and families threatened our family and me in many ways for getting reunion with my wife.
Name: Amal
Country: India
12:24:27 AM
34 .
plz pray for my new business medical shop. I have economical problems to handle my business. and also pray for my eyes. my lens no. -14 and -16. I have a lot of problems to see.
Name: mukesh kumar thawait
Country: India
11:34:48 AM
35 .
hai! i am suffering from kind of skin disorder. please pray for my healing. i am going to write my licensing exam please pray for me.
Name: rajee
Country: india
4:28:55 PM
36 .
Pls pray for us, as we are suffering forrom lots of debts, health sickness, mental torches from the person who has given. my son also who is in schooling is going away from god into other brothers are jobless & health issues.pls pray that god gives us good health so that we can repay the debts. & he should show the compassion on us & forgive our sins.
Country: india
11:55:49 PM
37 .
I'm hopeless..because I'm trying for job many more times..i ask for god many more times..please sir..pray for me.
Name: p.jesuraju
Country: India
1:16:20 AM
38 .
Dear Brother/ Sister Please do kindly pray for our younger son JACOB KIZHAKEPARAMPIL, who is now giving his examinations in subjects Physics and Symbolics of Computer Science final year, so that he gets an A or an A PLUS grade point We hope that you shall pray for our son, JACOB Thanking YOU Yours Faithfully, PHILIP KIZHAKEPARAMPIL FORT WORTH , TEXAS. U S A
7:30:38 AM
39 .
I am a widow with 4 Children.My youngest daughter is studying law n she is in the second year. To complete her studies she needs almost 9 lakhs in Sri Lankan rupees. Also I am living for rent which is a burden to me. Please pray for me and He is my provider and protector. I only trust Him for my needs.
Name: Sandhya Jayetileke
Country: Sri Lanka
9:52:10 PM
40 .
Prayer for govt. Job that is my mother wish ,I got selected but some problem came in that callform ,so plz prayer for me to solve that problwm ,plz announced soon good result ,I have true faith on u god ,u only make my dream true
Name: Rani
Country: India
4:46:19 AM
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Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Psalms 4:1

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