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0 .
Praise the loard,we agin&jose got married before 5 years,we dont have a child untill now,so our heart is totaly broken.please please pray for us to get a healthy blessed baby now.lord jesus please give us...thank you jesus,praise you jesus.
10:45:07 AM
1 .
please pray for my daughter whose 11 nth std exams are starting today..She struggfled a lot in her studies this year..
Name: resy
8:53:56 AM
2 .
Pls pray for my family to relief from money problem.
Name: berlin joel
9:29:25 PM
3 .
Thank you for all your prayers. Our God is powerful. He hears our prayers.God has blessed our daughters to secure an admission in the desired schools. Every thing is possible with him.
Name: Bindu
4:44:20 PM
4 .
Our house has been put up for sale. Its been almost 5 months. There is no offer or sale. We request to kindly pray for this sale to take place this month itself. Please pray for this
Name: A V
12:35:56 AM
5 .
My mother who came to visit me is very sick showing respitory symtoms -severe cough,pain and short of breath. It's been over a month now.her travel to India is postponed and re-sheduled for this reason. We are in prayer,hoping in Lord Jesus she will be able to travel this 20th feb,(2013).She has no medical coverage either. Please pray for her healing and safe travel.
Name: mary
8:00:35 PM
6 .
Iam shelphin, please pray for my MDive studies, my future ministry. Particularly pray for my sister she got new job in a hospital but she wands to write a test for Permenent job, so please pray for these matters thank you all.
Name: Shelphin p. Varghese
12:17:50 PM
7 .
i am Johnson pleac pray for my M.div thesis and my future ministry thank you.
Name: johnson
11:05:03 AM
8 .
Respected Sir, Please pray for our family peace and prosperity. Please pray for my husband to get a good job and his health. Pl.pray for him to avoid drinking/smoking etc. Pl.pray to get a good and GODFEARING Lifepartner for my daughter & her future. Please pray for my son to study well and complete his graduation. We are facing lot of problems one after another. I have no peace in my life. Always I am praying to God. Kindly pray for my children's marriage/education. We are facing lot of financial problems now. My husband is depressed too much. God is great. His grace is sufficient for me. Nothing is impossible with GOD. Sir,God bless you & your family. Please pray to god for my son to become an obedient & GODFEARING CHILD.Guide/protect/mould him.I have nobody in this world except GOD to share my feelings. I am very upset.Once again I am requesting you to kindly pray for our family especially for marriage of my daughter.Please pray for my SON to avoid all bad friends.
Name: susan
5:22:33 PM
9 .
praise the loard,Iam doing a course, my essay needs to submit to final marking this month please pray for me to pass this course my god can help me this situation .please pray for me.
Name: mj
8:50:30 PM
10 .
Please pray for my family members. My wife n my son. And all the world
Name: Shijo
10:08:32 PM
11 .
Please pray for my son. His Medical result. and get a good Job.
Name: Babu varghese
11:38:47 PM
12 .
I am looking for a life partner Please pray for me so that I get a god fearing girl. Also I am preparing for some exam and god’s grace with me to complete it to get a promotion.
Name: john
10:00:30 PM
13 .
please pray for me and my wife so that I can have my job security, sell my van, and my wife can have a weekend job, and we can pay mortgage regular. Thank you.
Name: LEO & Shibily
5:35:41 PM
14 .
Dear Brother I believe that if two or three persons ask in his name God would surely hear their prayers. I am writing this for my two daughters to get admissions in the schools in Abu Dhabi as it is very difficult to seek a place here. Besides that there are so may rules and regulations which makes everything very difficult. I believe that God would surely help us to get them the admissions in the required school. Please pray for my daughters. We are new to this place. Please pray for us brother. Let God's mighty hands work through the concerned authorities that they have mercy on us. Thank you.
Name: Bindu
5:01:55 PM
15 .
I have 32 years old, am coming frm the Islam.I am working in dubai,am a draughtsman,I hv one brother & one sister.She got married,my father Haneefa, mother Salma, my family memberīs still in islam.when I accept my jesus then my family divorce me frm there.Now I am alone in serching a missionary hasband.Pls pray for me.God bless you & ur mission work.
Name: Shyjumol Haneefa
4:35:11 PM
16 .
please pray for allison for her de- convertion to christianity from Ethiesism.pray for ashish, denny , bensy, and vincent for their salvation. thank you for your prayer
Name: daisy
12:35:02 PM
17 .
i am 30 years old ,but still dont have a permanent job. Got a chance to go abroad but was rejected by the embassy at the last minute.Every work done by me goes in vain. very much depressed.please pray for me.
Name: Rian
2:47:02 AM
18 .
My son jerin's eye sight should get back fully. His eye power -5 for both eyes.
10:04:06 AM
19 .
I have bad habit of taking drugs since 3years, cause of my unemployes so i want to be completly away from this habit,Please pray for me.
8:07:09 PM
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Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Psalms 4:1

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