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No. Prayer Name & Country Date & Time
1 .
Please pray for my father to get recover from breathing difficulty and lung cancer. Please pray for my children to protect from infectious diseases. Please pray for our safe journey to home country coming month.
5:44:33 PM
2 .
I would like to ask your prayer for me to get part time jobs. Please pray for me,
Name: Believer
5:48:31 PM
3 .
Please for us to buy a house in England 4 bedrooms. With blessings of our saviour Jesus we could do better. Pray for us please. Thanks
Name: Deepa
Country: England
1:21:07 PM
4 .
praying for growing my church. my area is very challengefull.peoples depend upon demons and some other want that praying of me and my villagers.
Name: Pas. sagar Negi
Country: india
8:53:31 AM
5 .
Kindly pray for me. I am having a stomach pain. I have stomach ulcers and is on medication for all most 11 years. Now i am getting in between pains even after using medicines. Kindly hold me in your prayers. I know God can heal me with his blood. I trust in His blood for complete deliverance. kindly hold me in prayers and my family as well.
Name: Jolly
Country: Australia
2:26:36 PM
6 .
Kindly pray for my younger son ISAAC he is jobless nearly 18 months has passed he looking for one but till to-day no call. Please pray for him that God will answer your prayers and give my son a job through your prayers. Yours in Christ Felix Creado
Country: India
4:14:37 PM
7 .
Kindly pray for me. I had a breast infection 3 weeks before and now i am having a mammogram , scan and biopsy on Friday. Kindly hold me in your prayers for the test results to come normal. Please hold my family as well in your prayers. i trust in the blood of Jesus for complete healing. Remember me in prayers.
Name: Jolly
Country: Australia
10:34:43 AM
8 .
I have been looking for job since last 6 months but I did not get anything yet. Please God help me in finding a job, show me finding a new ways I know you can, Please help me so that I can fulfil my goals.
Name: anku verma
Country: USA
12:13:28 AM
9 .
My child is having breathing difficulty especially at night. She is under weight. Please pray for her to getwell
5:35:42 AM
10 .
My father is admitted in hospital and he is in serious condition. I request your prayers .Please pray for his recovery.
Name: Believer
5:33:35 AM
11 .
Pray for me or my family, Jesus come my house and help me, I am poor people this time save me, relies my sine and relies my Loan, and sickness Load help me, Pry all Bangladesh christian community people and Pastor or sister or young Generation, Load riles all problem Save us Load my son or my family
Name: Huebird Sarker
Country: Dhaka , Bangladesh
11:56:52 PM
12 .
Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ Please kindly pray for me and my husband and kids as we are going through a lot of stress Please pray for us ,truly we need your urgent and valuable prayers ,God bless you all
Name: A beliver
Country: Austarlia
9:43:59 AM
13 .
pls pray for me, bank job and marriage
Name: manju
Country: india
8:40:48 AM
14 .
Plz pray for me for my admission and for studies n also my parents who are always sick n in some trouble help us to free out of this sickness I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.
Name: ashwini gaikwad
Country: india
10:31:53 AM
15 .
Dear Brother, Praise the Lord. Currency I am facing a problem for Job security. Some people are threatening me for my Job Security. I humbly request you to please pray for me. I believe in our Almighty Lord Jejus Christ. Also pray for my family for the better of living of our family.
Name: Sanjay Tribhuwan
Country: India
1:31:21 AM
16 .
Iam requesting your pray for me to get good part time job and gain confidence and success . Now a days Iam facing lot of problems,Pls pray for me.
7:45:21 AM
17 .
My child is suffering from scarlet fever and tonsillitis .Please pray to recover from this and gain body weight. My other child is a teenager and pls pray for my child be a God fearing and and get good character,
7:41:15 AM
18 .
Every one hates & rejecting me. I am under depression. Requesting for your prayers....Plz.
Name: A True Believer
Country: UAE
3:29:58 AM
19 .
Please Pray for my Sister Punitha life. she living from alone her husband. she is a amendment girl, so kindly pray for sister life is make return beautiful and also her daughter Morsika.... plz plz
Name: HAriramu T
Country: India
10:00:07 AM
20 .
Please pray for me to recover my failures and get God blessings and self confidence.Please pray my job interview and get good Jobs and get success in my Job. Please pray for my brother who is going through difficult situation.
6:54:14 AM
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Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Psalms 4:1

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