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No. Prayer Name & Country Date & Time
1 .
I have so many problems in my life. First of all I don't have peace of mind and happiness. In my work place also so many difficulties. And in my family also lot of trouble makers are surrounded. I don't know what to do in this situation. I have more faith in god that Jesus can do miracles. Please pray for my lifes peace.
Name: viji
Country: india
6:42:40 PM
2 .
please pray for my job. Accidentally the things that i should keep quiet with me,i just mentioned. Please pray that my officials should not have any dishearten with me and that my job shouldn't be affected adversely. I am applying for promotion. Please pray that this incidence should not affect my promotion or my work in anyways. Please pray for my peace of mind and everything to be cleared at my workplace. i pray for the blood of Jesus to cleanse my workplace.
Name: Jolly Mathew
Country: Australia
12:03:16 PM
3 .
Thank you Jesus for being with my side during all the odd days and promoting me to a upper position.
Name: jangam ajit kamalakar
Country: India
6:37:39 AM
4 .
Please pray for healing by Jesus. And thanks for your previous prayers there is a shift.
Name: Jonathan Carr
Country: United Kingdom
3:11:38 PM
5 .
Kindly pray for the success and growth in my jobs and get rid of all problems. Please pray for my daughter to protect from infectious diseases and gain good health .Please pray for my brother who is undergoing problems.
11:46:36 PM
6 .
Praying to get into a residency program according to God's will. Thank you
Name: JJ
Country: USA
5:30:18 PM
7 .
please pray for My Brothers Family.
Name: Susan
Country: australia
1:46:07 PM
8 .
I need God to help me financially and seeking for better job am 30 year unmarriage but strongly believe once I am financially okay with a better job, I pray to settled down with with a God fearing woman in future....I also ask for the gift of perfection and the gift studying the word of God daily...God bless you.
Name: samuel
Country: Nigeria
1:41:29 PM
9 .
praise the lord,plz pry for me nd my husbsnd rahul,to become believer,for his heath,having prblm in his left side of chest,for his job,for his financial prblms,
Name: samita
Country: india
9:23:31 AM
10 .
Please pray for my husband who is going for a heart scan, and also i am having so much stress ,please pray for my kids too thank you
Name: a beliver
Country: Australia
3:41:01 PM
11 .
i went christian and i prayer to good i achive my gold my gold is i doing the job uk countery plse pray to you
Name: kuldeep munda
Country: India
7:28:11 PM
12 .
Kindly hold me in your prayers.I had a mammogram taken on Thursday Last week and i have been called for further examination and tests. Please hold me in your prayers. please hold my family also in prayers. Request all your prayers for a complete healing. please pray that nothing alarming should be there in tests results.
Name: Jolly Mathew
Country: Australia
9:18:02 AM
13 .
please pray for the success of my jobs. Please pray for my children to protect from infectious diseases
10:13:50 PM
14 .
please pray for my brother his marriage and to get a GOD fearing girl.Please pray for my father to recover his diseases and gain good health.please pray for the health of my mother.
9:06:43 PM
15 .
With full of tears and sadness IAM writing this, from long time IAM waiting for my marriage, some problems or hindrance is coming, still my marriage not fixed, my whole family worrying about my marriage, all are expecting so much, we are so upset, we are praying to God but still miracle not happening, I don't why, my age is 31, IAM so scaring about my future. I don't have father. Only Jesus can help me. I humbly requesting you to pray for my marriage should get fixed immediately without any delay. I need your prayers please.
Name: Mary salini
Country: India
1:24:47 PM
16 .
please pray for my study's and my mom doesn't feel comfortable. many problems to my family we have no Own house please pray for my family and my neighbours all of blessings to god. devanuku magimai undavathaga. Amen
Name: Joyal Frances
Country: india.tamilnadu
2:33:22 PM
17 .
Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me as i am going to take a big step forward at my work and a deal which is about to be finalised shortly at our office.
Name: ranjit
Country: india
1:03:46 PM
18 .
i lost my job with my own mistake i have applyed for new job in iraq n african country with my old company i worked before plz pray for me i want to get my job back
Name: joseph
Country: india
2:23:30 PM
19 .
Please pray for my daughter
Name: John Mathew
Country: India
11:47:29 AM
20 .
please pray for my study's and my mom doesn't feel comfortable. many problems to my family we have no Own house please pray for my family and my neighbours all of blessings to god. devanuku magimai undavathaga. Amen
Name: Joyal Frances
Country: india.tamilnadu
5:16:09 PM
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Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Psalms 4:1

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